Have you been dreaming of full, shapely brows? Perfect brows can be yours with Microblading – a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that looks unbelievably real. Microblading does not use a tattoo gun; rather, a special Microblading pen is used to “draw” in the eyebrow hairs one by one. This allows the artist to create hyper-realistic looking hairs and a shape and texture that is ideally suited to your features.                                                              

Elise is a graduate of internationally recognized PhiBrows Academy and is a certified PhiBrows artist. The PhiBrows method of Microblading uses your unique facial morphology and the golden ratio (phi 1.618) to calculate your ideal brow shape. The Microblading process takes up to 4 hours, and the results can be expected to last up to 3 years with a yearly touch-up. Hawaii visitors and Big Island locals swear by our Microblading services for beautiful, shapely brows. Come experience the best Microblading in Kailua-Kona, HI.  

Clients must complete a complimentary consultation before booking a Microblading service.


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